Our Story

Our Mission: 

To enable property owners and renters of property, achieve greater value and greater returns by offering personalised  property services in a transparent, dependable and efficient manner.

What we do: 

We are an outsourced property letting specialist, responsive to clients needs combined with an entrepreneurial spirit, lean and technology driven.  Our experience arises from project management of residential units from development through to installation of sustainable long term tenants. We appreciate how to add value in a profitable way for property owners and investors.

Why we are different:

Being commissioned focused does not necessarily get a landlord the best result.  That’s why we embrace change and are constantly challenging traditional methods.  Our passion is to improve property operations.  Some lets are easy, some difficult.  However one model clearly does not suit all.  At Profitable Lettings you only pay for the specific service you request.  Result – tenants who stay longer, less voids making your rentals profitable!

The business is led by Margaret T Lyons who has accrued many years experience in property development, from a landlords perspective, having led the operations management and project management functions of a leading residential international investor/developer.

Our Core Values:

Transparency, Innovative solutions, Results driven,  Flexibility, Integrity.  Our values drive us to deliver excellence.