Why Choose us?

A dependable specialist can make a real difference.  Discover how productive your business can be when you share responsibilities with a friendly dedicated professional you can trust.  

Outsourcing has become the way that businesses can scale fast, reduce costs, and concentrate on what they do best.  And nowhere is that more true than in the property business.

Profitable Letting is an innovative outsourced specialist dedicated to supporting landlords, investors and property developers in Ireland.

Outsourcing  enables you to keep staffing to a minimum and to free you to focus on winning new business and staying ahead of the competition or simply enjoying the fruits of your investments more profitably.  Profitable Lettings offers you cost effective, dependable, pay as you go services.

Do any of these situations apply to you:

  • Do you have ambitions to scale your business by focusing where you excel?
  • Do you have peaks and valleys of demand, but are paying staff all year round?
  • Do you have maternity cover or holiday provisions that disrupt your business?
  • Do you need to reduce your costs and downsize, but are afraid you will not have the skills remaining for your business to thrive?

Profitable Lettings can solve all of these problems by drawing on our wide network of property services professionals.  You will receive one itemised invoice with full details of services provided, leaving you in control of how and where you spend your money.

“Life is simpler when you outsource.    To be the best at what we do.  There are no office politics, no hidden agendas, just common sense, integrity and great service.”

– Margaret T Lyons